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Feb 2, 2004
Final Aussie Open comments

So Federer beats Safin...Safin tired, Federer sloppy but plays well enough to win.  I think Safin is back; he'll probably end up in the top 20 for the next rankings.  He played over 300 games in the two weeks of the Aussie Open.  No wonder he was tired. 

1ST DIFFERENCE MAKER: Safin had only 3 aces on Federer.  He averaged 20.5 for the tourney going into the finals. 

2ND DIFFERENCE MAKER: Federer is the best returner of serve in the game.  End of story.  That is why Safin didn't win.  His game evolves around his serve.  If he doesn't dominate his service games, guys like Federer will beat him.

Tennis updates as warranted.

Posted at 02:45 pm by EKA_IPG
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Jan 30, 2004
Aussie Open

Ho hum..so Henin-Hardenne plays Clijsters in the Women's singles finals.  Clijsters is 9 -6 all time, but does it matter since she lost to Henin-Hardenne in the French Open and US Open finals?  Who gives a shit if you can't win the matches that matter.  I say Henin-Hardenne 6 - 4, 6 - 2.  ZZZZZ.....

Safin over Agassi.  Great match.  Safin looks like he is back as long as he doesn't melt down like he used to. 

Federer wins.  He is solid, probably the best in the world right now.  Forget Roddick.  He needs to develop a more complete game before he is truly the best.

Federer over Safin in the Finals is my prediction.  Straight sets but Safin makes it tought with his power, especially his serve which he killed Agassi with in the semis.

Lastly, the Aussie should move to March.  Not a good tourney to start the season.  A few meaningless tourneys or an Asian Masters Cup would be a better way to start the season.

Posted at 03:15 pm by EKA_IPG
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OK here we go...

So this is what they call a "blog"?  Since this is my first blog, perhaps I should give the requisite resume:  32 year old white male, 6' 1", 190 lbs., married, 2 kids (Evan, 2 1/2, Elizabeth 4 mo. as of this writing).  I own a printing company with my father.  I went to college at Illinois State, graduating with a BS in Economics.   Some of my interests (and therefore blog topics) are: business, sports (especially tennis, baseball and football), and family.  I am a Lutheran with strong Roman Catholic leanings (my priest loves that!).  I have other interests too, but between running a business, running a growing family and  laying tennis 3 times a week I am a busy guy.  Therefore my blogs will be short and to the point mostly.  I say mostly because my assistant says I am a babbler.

I think I will start my next blog with something sexy.  I have a buddy that I play tennis with that found out that a girl 10 years his junior has a serious crush on him.  One problem: he's married.  Stay tuned for his adventure!

Posted at 02:46 pm by EKA_IPG
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